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Why choose us?

  • The MasterClean team is made up of experienced carpet cleaning experts delivering high-quality solutions – everytime
  • Effective hot water extraction method leaves your carpets clean with minimal drying time
  • Professional and friendly team working across Melbourne’s Bayside, eastern, and southeastern suburbs

Carpet cleaning solutions with fast drying time

Traditionally, steam carpet cleaning required up to 24 hours of drying time – but today, methods that require this amount of time are outdated and simply ineffective!

Our method requires a low drying time of just 5-6 hours* due to the most important step of the process: effective water extraction.

* Under normal conditions

Why choose MasterClean Carpet Care

We use the best and most powerful equipment

Our machinery – including the wand glide that maximises contact area on the carpet and the robust motor system – ensures a powerful water extraction process. Our vacuums are more effective thanks to not only powerful suction, but rotating brushes that rake your carpets and pull up animal hair and dirt.

Proven track records

Over the years, we’ve developed close relationships with domestic homeowners, commercial businesses, and real estate agents to deliver superior carpet cleaning services time and time again!

Property managers choose us to maintain the fresh, healthy, and clean appearance of carpets throughout a variety of homes and offices – we make your properties (and you!) look good!

Industry-trained professionals

Our team is trained to the highest standards in professional, effective, and hygienic hot water extraction carpet cleaning. We are passionate about bring your living spaces and working environments back to life with deep carpet cleaning methods that deliver outstanding results!

We’re friendly, on-time, and professional in each and every job we attend to.

Simple quotes and fee structure

We make quoting easy – if you’re enquiring about residential steam cleaning, all we need to know is the number of rooms or flights of stairs that you need cleaned. We charge per flight, not per step, and we do not have any access fees.

We invite commercial clients to contact us and organise an on-site inspection so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Buyer beware: the importance of hot water extraction

Steam cleaning

The carpet cleaning industry is unregulated, and as such, some companies that use the term “steam cleaning” are leaving your carpets dirtier than you could ever imagine!


The key to choosing a good steam cleaning carpet cleaner is directly related to how much water they extract from your carpets during a job.

You see, most people think of steam cleaning as a solution that leaves wet carpets that take up to 24 hours to dry. They’ve come to expect that a wet carpet is simply an outcome of steam cleaning.

The problem here is that when a carpet cleaner leaves water behind, they are also leaving dirt and chemicals behind – the exact stuff they were supposed to remove!

The more water that is extracted, the less dirt and bacteria that remains to seep back into and dry in your carpet.

Wet carpet = dirty carpet

Over-wetting and inadequate water extraction are the two most common problems associated with cheap and inexperienced carpet cleaners. The impacts are disturbing.

When other companies ignore effective water extraction, you’re left with not only longer drying times, but dirtier carpets. Additionally, you might start to notice a musty smell, and may even experience mould growth!

At MasterClean, we extract as much water as possible, leaving you with not only cleaner carpets, but a shorter drying time – as little as 5-6 hours under normal drying conditions.

Get your carpets MasterCleaned

Contact Banson and the team for a quote or to organise an on-site inspection.