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Upholstery cleaning Melbourne

Food stains, wine spills, unfortunate accidents… whatever the problem, we can solve it!

  • Pets and kids can cause a mess
  • Food and drink stains your furniture
  • Some materials accumulate allergens like dust and bacteria

Your upholstered furniture is constantly on the receiving end of all sorts of debris. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, this can take a toll on your furniture!

Upholstery cleaning Melbourne

MasterClean Carpet Care provides specialist couch and sofa cleaning in Melbourne. Our team of specialists clean a variety of common materials including fabric, leather, and microsuede, as well as less-common types of upholstery.

Enjoy a plush, clean couch again with expert upholstery cleaning from MasterClean.

Clean and remove stubborn stains

With how much usage your sofas and couches see, spills and accidents are inevitable. Over time, this can cause your upholstery to take on a dull, unclean look.

MasterClean thoroughly cleans your upholstery with Hot Water Extraction, a method that’s similar to but more advanced than traditional steam cleaning (find out more about the importance of effective water extraction here).

We also apply a neutralising agent that destroys sticky residues.

We use non-toxic cleaning products to remove tough spots. Our experience with all sorts of upholstery materials means we can be trusted to get those stains and marks out of your furniture.

Deep upholstery cleaning

Fight allergies with a deep clean of your furniture

Many of the smells and stains on fabric upholstery are more than skin-deep. In these cases, a deep clean of your upholstery might be necessary. MasterClean offers steam cleaning and other sanitary techniques that clean spots and stains from their roots.

Not only can a deep clean of your upholstery make your furniture look brand new, but it can also remove common allergens. Dust mites, dander, pollen, and germs stick to the fibres in upholstery, which can cause allergic reactions or health complications.

Upholstery cleaning experts

Not just furniture upholstery…

MasterClean doesn’t just clean furniture.

We’re able to clean any sort of upholstered surface – all you need to do is ask us! We have experience cleaning a range of other surfaces, including:

  • Car upholstery
  • Mattresses
  • Vinyl flooring

Got something else in mind? Get in touch today and find out how we can help!

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