Tiles and grout cleaning tips: have you considered steam cleaning?

>>Tiles and grout cleaning tips: have you considered steam cleaning?

Tiles and grout cleaning tips: have you considered steam cleaning?

At MasterClean Carpet Care, we’re proud of our ability to clean carpets. Part of this are our powerful water extraction techniques, which is a more advanced form of steam cleaning tailored for more thorough, quicker drying.

You might know that steam is an extremely versatile cleaning tool. What you might not have known is that you can also apply steam cleaning to tile floors, walls and grout too!


Steam clean your tiles and grout

While perhaps less problematic than carpet or upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning isn’t always easy!

Soap scum, bacteria and grime on your tiles can easily escape a cursory inspection – worse, they can be hard to remove once they’re entrenched.

As for tile grout, dirt and grime can soak into it, requiring hours of tough labour to remove.

Combining intense heat and high pressure vapours, steam cleaning can help dislodge grime, almost as if by magic!

Moreover, steam cleaning tiles also serves to disinfect your tiles by killing bacteria – this is an important consideration if you’re cleaning a kitchen or bathroom.

Once you’ve finished steam cleaning your grout and tiles, all you’ll need to do is leave it to dry.

And since it uses steam and not water, this might only take a couple of minutes!


1) Start by choosing the right steam cleaner

There are different types of steam cleaners, not all of which will be up to the task of cleaning your tiles and grout.

The only way to guarantee clean tiles and grout is to choose the right one off the bat:

  • Handheld steam cleaners – great for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces, but not ideal for large cleaning surfaces.
  • Steam mops – convenient and lightweight, these are appropriate for steam cleaning tile floors
  • Canister steam cleaners – while more expensive, these offer more powerful, chemical-free cleaning than steam mops
  • Vapour steam cleaner – similar to a canister cleaner, but it leaves no moisture behind, making it the suitable for homes where ventilation is an issue

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. For a more effective clean, you’ll want to make sure you’re equipped with the right tool for the job.


2) Use a detail brush to loosen dirt

Sometimes, you won’t be able to eliminate grime or dirt on the first pass with your steam cleaner.

Luckily, you can work around these limitations. For example, if you’re stuck with an inadequate steam cleaner, consider going over your tiles first with a brush.

Brushing tile and grout surfaces with a brush can loosen more stubborn messes. Just be sure that your tiles and finish can handle it first!


3) Seal grout regularly

Grout is the weak link, so to speak. Its porousness lends itself to absorbing dirt, grime and debris. Therefore, it’s important to take measures to protect your grout going forward!

Be sure to seal tile grout once cleaning is complete. This forms a protective layer against water, stains and bacteria. This will also protect your grout from any mould and mildew build up.

The result? Clean grout that lasts for longer.

It’s not just your grout that can be sealed either. Tile sealants can provide a barrier to your tiles too, protecting them against soap scum and bacteria.

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4) Make a habit of cleaning your tiles and grout

Many of the stains that affect your tiles and grout are almost invisible to the naked eye. So while your tiled floors might appear clean, in truth, they could be hiding all sorts of nasty grime!

And that’s why it’s so important to schedule regular tile and grout cleaning.


5) Choose an appropriate product

While there are plenty of floor-cleaning products on the market, not all of them might be appropriate.

Many products and chemical can be harsh. Depending on what type of tiling you have, these can damage or erode your tiles – natural stone tiles are especially vulnerable.

Not to mention, many chemicals leave strong smells in the air, which can potentially aggravate respiratory problems.

Want our tile and grout cleaning tips? Choose steam cleaning instead of chemicals – not only is it faster, but safer too!


6) Know when you’re beat, and when to call a professional!

Maybe you don’t have the time. Alternatively, you might not have the right tools on hand. It could even be a case of your home or business being too big to clean yourself!

In these cases, we strongly recommend contacting a professional for tile and grout steam cleaning.

Not only does this save you a considerable amount of time, but it also guarantees cleaner tiles and a more pleasant home!


Thinking of steam cleaning tiles and grout? Let a professional grout cleaner do the job for you!

MasterClean Carpet Care specialises in removing stubborn stains from the surfaces in your home or business.

Don’t let the name fool you – we do much more than just carpets!

We’re the team to call if you want effective tile and grout cleaning that doesn’t just leave your surfaces spotless, but which also protect your tiles and grout from grime and bacteria long-term.

Why choose us for tile steam cleaning?


Pre-treat grout and tiles

For a thorough clean, MasterClean loosens hard and sticky grease, mould and grime. We use a special solution that removes stains without causing corrosion.


Using power cleaning tools

We use specialized power cleaning tools that are tough on dirt, without the backbreaking labour. We use powerful steam cleaning and hot water extraction techniques to guarantee a thorough clean.


Sealing tile and grouts

Finally, MasterClean provides a resealing service for your tiles and grout. This protects your tiled surfaces from grime, mould and bacteria that would otherwise destroy your cleaned tiles.

Need tile and grout cleaning tips? Looking for somebody to do the hard work for you?

Contact MasterClean today on 1300 556 748 or fill in this form to request a quote!

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