The Dos and Don’ts of Carpet Care

>>The Dos and Don’ts of Carpet Care

The Dos and Don’ts of Carpet Care

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of soft, clean carpet under your feet. To keep that feeling alive, it’s important to understand how to care for your carpet.  Keep your floors in top condition for as long as possible with these carpet care dos and don’ts, from MasterClean Carpet Care.


Don’t track dirt. Carpets are the most susceptible flooring to collecting dust, dirt, and debris. Any dirt on feet or footwear can get caught in the fibres of the carpet and pushed further down to the base layer of the carpet. If this is left ignored over time, the accumulated dust and dirt will grind against and damage the carpet fibres, shortening the life span of the carpet.

Don’t ignore stains and spots. No matter how much you try, your carpet floor will eventually get stains and spots, typically from food and drinks. These stains, if left ignored, will cling to the fibres in your carpet as they dry out, making them much harder to completely remove later.

Don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals. Strong cleaning chemicals like bleach, turpentine, WD40, eucalyptus oil or vinegar can remove dyes, tarnishing vividly coloured carpets, and can also damage carpet fibres.

Don’t use the carpet as an ironing board.  Amazingly, this is common when people are without a proper ironing board.  An iron will penetrate beneath whatever you are ironing and will leave a nasty singe mark.

Don’t use BluTack.  When bits of this product fall onto carpet, it sticks and then eventually turns into black spots.

Don’t use hair dye or nail polish near carpet.  If you have an accident and get it on carpet it’s hard to get it out.  A good hair dye is not meant to come out!

Don’t drag furniture.  If you drag heavy items across carpet you run the risk of tearing carpet fibres and leaving permanent drag marks and ripples.



Do vacuum regularly.  It’s one of the most important parts of carpet maintenance.  Vacuuming will pick up dirt, dust and food particles that you may not be able to see.  It also fluffs up the individual strands on your carpet.

Do invest in mats.  Outdoor dirt being tracked in is the enemy of clean carpets.  Help protect them by installing mats at every entrance.

Do treat stains immediately.  Use warm water and white cotton towels to clean carpet. First blot up excess with a dry towel, then dampen (do not soak) with warm water and blot again with a dry towel. Repeat until spot is removed. If you see no further improvement STOP – you have done all you can.

Do use short strokes or blotting.  When cleaning, it’s important to avoid spreading the stain further.

Do use gentle strokes. You don’t want to damage the carpet fibres by being rough.  If gentle strokes are not working neither will a heavy stroke.

Do use bicarbonate soda.  This is a great way to neutralise vomit, deal with pet stains and to deodorise carpet.  You can just sprinkle it on the floor before you vacuum to revitalize the carpet.

Do trust the professionals.  It’s recommended that your carpets have a deep clean at least twice a year.  A professional carpet cleaner can remove stains and restore your carpet to its original look.



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