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Rug cleaning Melbourne

Unlike other carpet cleaners, we don’t turn up and apply the same tools and techniques we would use on a regular carpet:

  • Different materials react differently to steam cleaning
  • Some require unique cleaning methods
  • Deep-cleaning rugs requires a different approach than carpets

What works for your nylon carpet might even cause damage to your rug – you’ll want to call a rug cleaning service in Melbourne, just to be sure!

Simply put, if it’s a rug, we can clean it!

Get your rug cleaned by an expert. Call MasterClean Carpet Care today!

Rug Cleaning Melbourne

What types of rugs do we clean?

Different types of rugs have unique cleaning requirements. Before beginning work on your favourite rug, our carpet specialists work hard to understand:

  • The age of your rug
  • The material it’s composed of
  • The type of dye used
  • The manner of construction

This matters because some rugs might require special attention. Perhaps the material is more sensitive to heat, or the dyes might run if not treated properly.

Our expert team will be able to identify exactly what type of rug sits on your floor, and how we can clean it without causing permanent damage.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian & Oriental rugs

These stunning rugs feature intricate patterns and vibrant colours.

However, that also makes these rugs extremely sensitive – they cannot be steam cleaned, as this causes the dye to run. As a result, these rugs require front and back cleaning using special detergent.

Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool rugs

While the vast majority of rugs and carpets nowadays are made of nylon owing to its lower price, there are many families that still use old-fashioned wool rugs in their living rooms.

Washing a wool rug by hand is time-consuming. To make things even harder, wool reacts poorly to some cleaning supplies – even excessive heat can degrade wool fibres. While steam cleaning is still the most effective way of cleaning a wool rug, it needs to be done with extra care.

Shaggy Rug Cleaning

Shaggy rugs

The long, floppy nature of these rugs make them extremely comfortable to lie on – cleaning them, on the other hand, is a different story.

While steam cleaning can be used with great effect, for maximum effect it’s best to combine steam cleaning with dry carpet shampoo to get rid of any dirt that might be trapped in rug threads.

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