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Other cleaning services

Don’t let our name fool you – carpets aren’t the only thing we clean!

MasterClean is dedicated to bringing you the best cleaning outcomes possible. As a result, we’ve expanded our portfolio of cleaning services over the years beyond carpets.

  • We’re experts at cleaning all sorts of common household materials. Fabric, leather, vinyl…
  • Our technicians remove stains and unpleasant smells for good
  • We restore your home to a brand-new condition
cleaning services

There’s no job too big or small for our dedicated team of cleaners. You can trust MasterClean’s technical knowledge and arsenal of high-tech equipment and tools to take the headache out of steam cleaning.

What other steam cleaning services do we offer?

While carpets are a constant target for cleaning, they’re not the only part of the home you need to pay attention to! Your house is home to plenty of different surfaces, each of which require regular cleaning to keep your home in tip top condition.

Rug cleaning

MasterClean has made its name cleaning carpets all over Melbourne – naturally, that experience carries over to rug cleaning services as well.

We provide a complete range of rug cleaning and rug laundry services in Melbourne. We carefully consider the type of rug and material before determining the best cleaning method. Find out more about rug cleaning here.

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Tile and grout cleaning

Bathroom and kitchen tiles are the perfect place for mould and soap scum to take hold. They’re also the place you’d least like to see mould take hold!

MasterClean offers thorough tile cleaning service. We don’t just wipe down the tiles – we carefully scrub your grout (the gaps between tiles), stopping mould in its tracks.

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Carpet cleaning

Spilled coffee on a sofa or couch you’re especially fond of? Struggling to get the stains out, no matter how many household tips and tricks you’ve tried?

Leave it to us! Our experience with carpet and rug cleaning also extends to upholstery. Our cleaning specialists can remove stains from all types of material, including leather. Best of all, we do this without damaging your furniture.

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Carpet cleaning

Fortunately, most parts of Melbourne don’t receive enough rain to require emergency or flood carpet cleaning. Of course, with Melbourne’s “unique” weather, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Our highly-trained cleaners respond quickly to flood damage, saving your carpets from destructive water damage. We use powerful tools to remove excessive water and even the toughest messes, making us the perfect choice for emergency carpet cleaning.

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