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What our clients are saying

Zelman L

Recently I had just about given up hope of cleaning a carpet that had been cleaned several times over the years and was really looking terrible. I had a quote for many thousands of dollars to replace the carpet with an engineered timber floor.

We had cleaned the carpet several times using several dry-cleaning carpet companies, and despite the carpet looking reasonable for a few days or weeks after the actual clean, the stains seemed to come back, slightly less intense but larger and still very noticeable. It looked like the stains had been diluted, but still there.

Over my time at BNI, Banson regularly has spoken about the value of MasterClean’s processes. He is always banging on about the right way and the wrong way of cleaning carpets, and despite the issue of not walking on them for a few hours, I decided enough with the Dryclean, let’s try it the way Banson recommends, one last time before we proceed to the engineered timber floor.

From the moment I contacted Banson, he was nothing but professional. Banson returned calls when he said he would, he arranged for exactly what he said. Banson’s crew arrived on time and they were terrific! Banson quoted a range for the work, and he stayed within that range. The clean proceeded as described, the wet period was exactly as Banson said. The whole process was efficient and painless.

The best part is that the carpets look great, the general stains have disappeared, and have stayed disappeared. Not only have we got a good-looking carpet, almost stain free, but I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars ripping it up and installing an engineered timber floor. This proves that Banson is not just banging on about his process and company, but he has perfected these things and has a tremendous system for providing professional and can-do carpet care.

I would recommend Banson to anybody who wishes to clean their carpet properly, appreciates a gold class professional service and that the carpets will stay cleaned.

Robert Anderson

Earlier this month, I engaged Banson Wong from MasterClean Carpet Care clean all the carpets at my home – 5 rooms and a staircase.
My wife has a sensitive nose, and dreaded that ”wet dog” aroma usually associated with damp carpets after cleaning, especially in winter.

On the day, Neil from MasterClean rolled up right on time, and we were impressed with the military efficiency of the operation (apparently, he is ex-Army). Neil showed attention to detail – explaining how the cleaners used were non-toxic and when to move pieces furniture into place, avoiding stains from the legs of wooden furniture.

Getting our carpets cleaned was a much easier and smell free process than anticipated due to MasterClean Carpet Care.

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