How to deep clean a carpet to remove stains and marks

>>How to deep clean a carpet to remove stains and marks

How to deep clean a carpet to remove stains and marks

Many homeowners go years before they start consciously thinking of deep carpet cleaning.

If carpets could talk, they’d probably plead and beg you for a good, deep wash!

Carpets looks great and feel fantastic… when they’re clean, of course.

But even the most neglected carpet can be returned to its former glory with deep clean carpet cleaning!

Don’t have the time or know-how to do so? Let a professional carpet cleaner do the hard work for you.

Want to give it a crack? Make sure to check these tips on how to deep clean your carpet at home.


Step 1) How to deep clean a carpet: first, vacuum it out

Before gathering your arsenal of house cleaning chemicals, make sure to run over your carpet with a good quality vacuum cleaner.

This is an essential priming step that gets rid of dust, dirt and other particles on your carpet.

Take your time – make sure to cover all carpeted areas starting with the highest-traffic sections.

Ensure you empty your vacuum regularly to maximise its efficiency. Be thorough in your quest to remove debris!

Vacuum carpet

Step 2) When it comes to removing stains, go back to basics

After vacuuming, you can try cleaning your carpet with solutions found in your home.

Mix one spoonful of detergent or liquid dishwashing solution with lukewarm water to spot clean areas where the most attention is needed.

You can also add that classic do-it-all home cleaner, vinegar.

Vinegar is considered to be a good cleaning solution because of a strong acid content that’s tough on stains.

It can remove sticky stuff, dirt, and scum you originally thought you could never shift!

Mix a few cups of vinegar with lukewarm water to remove deep stains or use on areas that you want to clean.

Of course, some carpets can’t be washed with vinegar – dye may spread or they may suffer damage.

Before soaking your carpet in vinegar, make sure you patch test!


Step 3) Choose the right cleaning products for your carpet

If home remedies don’t seem to be working, the next step is to resort to commercial carpet cleaning products.

There are hundreds of different deep carpet cleaning products around from countless brands. Be sure to get one that isn’t harmful to your family’s health… or to your carpet!

Strong, potent chemicals can cause damage to your carpet. Additionally, some dyes and materials are especially sensitive, and require gentler products (and care).

It’s also worth considering that some carpets don’t take moisture very well either. Moisture can cause certain carpet materials to stain and can even ruin the texture.

Seems a little confusing, right?

We don’t encourage leaving it to guesswork.

Instead, do your research into what material your carpet is and what works best with it… better yet, talk to a professional!


Step 4) Now, your carpets need to dry

After using solutions to clean your carpets, wait until it dries.

If it takes a little longer for your carpet to dry, it may be because of the cleaning solution you’ve used to deep clean your carpet. Humidity is also a factor to consider.

It might help if you can open your windows to keep the air from flowing and speed up the drying time. Even your summer pedestal fan might help speed up the drying process.

Getting back to your routine isn’t the only reason that drying is important, however. A wet carpet attracts dirt and bacteria.

Additionally, a carpet that takes a long time to dry leads to moist, humid rooms, which can potentially encourage mould growth.

Simply put, a wet carpet = a dirty one!

Best way to deep clean carpet

Cleaning isn’t really the major problem here; it’s the drying part!

Thousands of at-home remedies can be found on the internet, helping people just like you clean your bedroom or living room carpets without the need to call the pros.

However, it’s when it comes to drying your carpets where the professionals have a major leg up: our advanced suite of tools are designed to extract as much water as possible from your carpets, thus slashing the time required to enjoy fresh, clean, and importantly, dry carpets.

The key lies effective hot water extraction, resulting in cleaner carpets and shorter drying times.


The best way to deep clean a carpet? Leave it to the pros!

Call MasterClean Carpet Care today

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We understand!

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Our carpet specialists can handle all types of carpets, and by using powerful hot water extraction, we also deliver a deeper clean and faster drying time!

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