What to do if your carpet gets slimed

>>What to do if your carpet gets slimed

What to do if your carpet gets slimed

Getting slime out of carpet can be a real headache!  Unfortunately for parents, this children’s fad toy has become all the rage again. Slime concoctions are popping back onto toy store shelves and homemade slime recipes can be found all over the Internet. Slime is all fun and games until it gets squashed into your carpet, or you find it months later dried up and embedded into carpet fibres.

Typically, slime is made from a mixture of glue, food colouring, starch, water and glitter. Considering the ingredients, it’s no wonder why slime would cause problems if it ends up on your carpet. Glue, is of course, a bonding agent which means it will stick to the fibres of your carpet. The food colouring will also leave stains.

Slime can be very stubborn to remove from carpeting, and it is not uncommon for homeowners to need extra help in their slime removal efforts. Below we’ve outlined a safe way of initially dealing with slime, but as always, your best bet is to call in the professionals at MasterClean Carpet Care.


Dealing with fresh slime

Many DIY websites have recommendations about how to get slime out of your carpet. Most of these mention vinegar. Although vinegar is eco-friendly and a useful substance, it’s not appropriate for cleaning your carpet! Carpets made of wool, silk and other natural fibres can be rather delicate and don’t react well with acidic products. Using vinegar can permanently damage the fibres and ruin your carpet.


The power of ice cubes

Ever had gum stuck on the carpet? You may know this trick. Using ice can work for removing gum and slime. First, scrape the area and remove as much slime as possible by hand or with a dull knife. Use ice to freeze the leftover slime on the carpet. Once frozen, the larger pieces of slime can be plucked from the carpet. While this will not entirely remove the slime stain, it will remove the majority of the pieces.


Call the slime busters!

At Masterclean Carpet Care, we’ve dealt with many a slime emergency, whether it be recent or a shock discovery of old, hardened slime under your couch. We can soften and remove slime to restore your carpet to its original glory. Check out our 5-star reviews and book in for a carpet clean today!


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