Fall in love with your carpet again this Valentine’s Day

>>Fall in love with your carpet again this Valentine’s Day

Fall in love with your carpet again this Valentine’s Day

Planning the perfect evening for you and your date?   One thing you may not have considered is how clean your carpet is. Whether you’ll be staying at home for a homemade meal and movie or planning to come back to your place for a nightcap, you’ll want to make sure that your carpet is as clean and fresh as possible.  Below we look at some of the reasons you should show your carpet some love this Valentine’s Day!

Rekindle that old feeling

If your carpet could talk, we imagine it would say something like:  “Hey, I don’t want to sound needy, but if you want me to look my best, I need some TLC, I’m just feeling walked on all the time.”  Get your carpet back to feeling and looking great with a professional carpet clean!

Think about your setting

Think you have everything set for the perfect night in on Valentine’s Day?  A nice meal, a bottle of champers, rose petals and candles…but what about the carpet? Rose petals will lose their allure if they are scattered across a dirty and stained carpet.

Be ready to roll

Who knows, things could get steamy!  One minute you’re sipping wine on the couch and the next thing you know, the two of you are rolling around on the carpet.   Save yourself the embarrassment of being covered in pet hair and crumbs with a pre-emptive professional carpet clean.

Ask us out!

Yes, it’s true, we’re in love with carpet cleaning.  We get a kick out of bringing tired, stained and worn looking carpets back to life again.  We know there’s nothing quite like the feeling of soft, clean carpet under your feet.  We’d love to have a date with your carpet!

At MasterClean Carpet Care, our highly trained carpet cleaning professionals know all there is to know about cleaning and protecting carpets!  Check out our glowing 5 star reviews and find out why MasterClean Carpet Care is trusted by homeowners and real estate agents alike.

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