Deep carpet cleaning: what microscopic bugs are hiding within your carpet?

>>Deep carpet cleaning: what microscopic bugs are hiding within your carpet?

Deep carpet cleaning: what microscopic bugs are hiding within your carpet?

Winter is out and spring is well underway. And that means flowers, warmer weather and a fresh new wardrobe.

In addition to these great things however, there are also a coule less-than-welcome arrivals that accompany the change of season – the return of hayfever, for example!

One unpleasant spring fixture that often gets overlooked are the tiny creepy crawlies that invade your home and live in your carpet.

While they’re present year-round, these microscopic are extra active during the warmer months.


And as the most cushioned, delicate and comfy place for any tiny living creature, your carpet is the perfect living space for bacteria and other insects that might bring harm to your family!


H2> Bug #1: Dust mites

Dust mites can be found wherever you can find dust.

Like the name suggests, these microscopic insects feed on the stuff – hundreds can live in a single gram of dust.

And when spring rolls around, dust mites kick into high gear and become active again.

Normally, dust mites are harmless. They don’t bite or carry disease – for the majority of people, they’re a non-issue.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma however, they can be a huge problem!

Dust mites feast on dust, digesting it and producing waste that makes its way into the air in your home.

These specks can cause allergic reactions when inhaled – if you suffer from a runny nose even when there are no plants in your home, dust mites might be behind it!

These mites are especially active in carpets and upholstery.

Regular vacuuming, dusting, and brushing as well as periodic professional carpet cleaning throughout the year can keep your home safe from these microscopic mites.

Bug #2: Bacteria

Did you know?

Your carpet is approximately 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat!

Carpet is the perfect place for bacteria to take hold. Just think about the amount of nasty stuff that falls onto your carpet:

  • Dead skin cells
  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Dirt from outside
  • Food particles
  • Pollen

Each of these provide ample food for germs.

While regular vacuuming does protect you somewhat, most household vacuum cleaners don’t reach the true depths of your carpet.

As such, bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus and more can stay in your carpet even if you make a habit of vacuuming all the time.

In fact, in some cases all vacuuming does is disturb the bacteria and bring it closer to the surface!

Dog on white fluffy carpet at home. Background with beagle dog in light colors. Sad beagle relax on carpet. Dog with big brown ears.

Bug #3: Bed Bugs

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

You might remember your parents saying that as they tucked you in. If you have young kids of your own, there are good odds you send them off to bed with the same message.

Here’s something you might not have known: bed bugs are a real thing that infest beds all over Australia.

Here’s something else: they don’t just infest your bed either – they’re a common sight in carpets too!

While they may sound harmless, these tiny critters pack a mean bite – literally. They bite humans to feed on blood, a lot like mosquitoes. Like mosquito bites, these tend to be itchy and irritating.

And in some cases, it can trigger an allergic reaction.

Additionally, bed bug bites can trigger skin infections such as rashes, impetigo, ecthyma, and lymphangitis.


Bug #4: Carpet beetles

And of course, we can’t talk about hidden nasties in your carpet without talking about carpet beetles.

Just like bed bugs, carpet beetles can trigger allergic reactions.

Carpet beetle larvae are hairy – when they shed, this can aggravate respiratory problems. Additionally, they act as carriers for other diseases.

In addition to health problems, carpet beetles are also dangerous in the sense that they can cause damage to the fibres in your carpet.

Carpet beetle larvae feed on animal material, including wool, fur, felt and leather – all of which are common carpet, rug and upholstery materials.


So, how do you get rid of microscopic bugs in your carpet?

The answer? Deep carpet cleaning.

Regular vacuuming can protect you somewhat. However, carpets are thick, and oftentimes vacuuming doesn’t reach deep enough to truly remove these tiny terrors.

Hence, professional carpet cleaning.

Deep carpet cleaning techniques such as hot water extraction thoroughly cleanse your carpet of bugs by reaching deep into the fibres of your carpet.

The high temperatures kill these bugs and their offspring, and the “extraction” part of hot water extraction removes any leftovers from your carpet.

Best of all, hot water extraction can be applied to almost any upholstered surface in your home, including:

  • Carpets
  • Furniture
  • Rugs
  • Bedding

Young woman using a vacuum cleaner while cleaning carpet in the house.

Call MasterClean Carpet Care for professional carpet cleaning!

Don’t let those tiny creepy crawlies live and thrive in your carpets and rugs – schedule a deep cleaning service today with MasterClean Carpet Care!

Using hot water extraction and other specialist techniques, our professional cleaners perform deep cleaning services for a wide range of household surfaces.

We’re happy to schedule periodic carpet deep cleaning for your home or business too. Most manufacturers recommend seeking out professional carpet deep cleaning once every year or two – more if you have pets.

Whether you need annual cleaning or a once-off job, contact Master Clean Carpet Care today on 1300 556 748 or fill in this form to request a quote for your carpet cleaning needs.

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