How to choose the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne: 4 must-know tips

>>How to choose the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne: 4 must-know tips

How to choose the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne: 4 must-know tips

Struggling to find the right carpet cleaning company for your home?

Finding the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne is a tall order. After all, you can’t exactly trial them before putting down money; nor can you tag along for one of their carpet cleaning jobs.

Your carpets, rugs and upholstery are important. The way they look and feel directly impact how comfortable you feel in your own home – as such, you’ll want to make sure you make the right choice when it comes to carpet cleaning!

Luckily for you, you’re not completely helpless here.

MasterClean Carpet Care have been in the carpet cleaning business for 7 years now. And in our experience, there are a couple things asides from their work which point to a good candidate for your carpet cleaning needs.


Tip 1: does your carpet cleaner have good reviews?

It might sound like a no-brainer. But you’d be surprised how many people don’t even think to do this!

Why’s this? We’re not 100% sure, but we’ve got a hunch that most people just pick the first cleaner they find. After all, cleaning is an “easy” job (it isn’t) so the reviews don’t matter.

Ignoring the fact that carpet cleaning is not as simple as going over everything with a vacuum, reviews give an insight into what you can expect with your carpet cleaner.

That means things like their:

  • Thoroughness and attention-to-detail
  • Customer service
  • Attitude and demeanour
  • Timeliness and punctuality

Moreover, reviews can also give you an insight into the types of services your cleaner offers. Let’s say you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Melbourne, but you keep seeing glowing reviews that mention upholstery cleaning.

Well, now you know you can rely on said cleaner to restore your sofa!


Tip 2: do they have a good website?

Carpet cleaning is one of those industries where web presence doesn’t really seem to cross most operators’ minds.

Most carpet cleaners in Melbourne still market themselves using fliers and newspaper ads. In most cases, their websites will look ancient.

So when you find a carpet cleaning service with a fast-loading, up-to-date and modern site, you know they’re serious!

On top of telling you that they mean business, a good website can also tell you a lot about their service.

Carpet cleaners love showing off. We love telling everyone about our work, our techniques and what we bring to the table. Just take the rest of our site as an example; you’ll find pages detailing our history, niche services and more.

Armed with this, you can build a pretty accurate picture of who’s got the best carpet cleaning services for you!

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Tip 3: make sure they know what they’re talking about

How can you do this, especially if you don’t have a carpet cleaning background yourself?

It’s simple: check their website!

Like we mentioned in tip #2, your carpet cleaner’s website is a treasure trove of information. It’ll tell you about your carpet cleaner’s specialisations and skills.

In particular, you’ll want to check out their blog too.

Carpet cleaners don’t just write blogs to kill time. We do it because we have a wealth of information that we want to share with you.

That might include:

  • Carpet cleaning tips
  • Maintenance advice
  • Busting common myths

On top of gaining more insight into the world of carpet cleaning, it helps you gauge whether or not your carpet cleaner actually knows what they’re talking about.

And that’s a sure sign of a carpet cleaner that you can trust to look after your home!

Looking for something to pass the time? Take a flip through the MasterClean blog – you might even learn something new!

Looking for the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne?

You can’t go wrong with MasterClean Carpet Care!

Your carpets (and by extension, your home) deserve the very best.

If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne, MasterClean Carpet Care is the number to call.

We offer professional and friendly carpet cleaning across Melbourne’s entire south-east, from the CBD to the peninsula.

Using high-tech cleaning techniques such as hot water extraction, we reach deep into your carpets to provide thorough carpet cleaning for your home, business, rental property and even following indoor flooding.

You’ve tried the rest – now try the best! Contact MasterClean Carpet Care at 1300 556 748 or request a quote.

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