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Carpet Cleaning Mentone

Just found your dream house in Mentone?

Before you move in, you’ll want to make sure everything’s spic and span. Even new-built homes need a clean, as they may still have dust from construction floating around.

Carpets in particular are a hotspot of hidden mess. In particular, you might end up sharing a home with:

  • Dust
  • Bacteria
  • Insects
  • Deep stains
Carpet Cleaning Mentone

Luckily, cleaning your carpet can rid your carpet of these hidden menaces before you move in.

And when it comes to carpet cleaning, you’re best off going with the professionals – give MasterClean Carpet Care a call today on 1300 556 748!

Carpet cleaning for new builds

You may think that with a brand-new house the carpet is a blank slate.

You’d be dead wrong!

Even brand-new carpets could potentially hold invisible germs and messes. For example, they could be hiding dirt and dust from construction.

Additionally, who knows what your carpets were exposed to while they were sitting in the warehouse? Dust, grime, possibly preservative chemicals… each of these are commonplace in carpeting warehouses.

The key takeaway? Even brand-new houses need to have their carpets cleaned prior to moving in!

Carpet cleaning for existing houses

Sure, you might make a habit of deep cleaning your carpets regularly. But can you say the same for the previous owners of your home?

Combine that with the humidity and moisture that comes with living in a seaside suburb like Mentone and you have a recipe for hidden messes and invisible nasties in your carpet!

Regular vacuuming can’t get rid of these messes. Thankfully, professional carpet cleaning can!

Using advanced water extraction techniques, MasterClean doesn’t just scrub the fibres in your carpet. We also remove moisture, leading to a quicker dry and ensuring that these messes don’t make a return.

Carpet Cleaning experts in Mentone

Sick of a mouldy, smelly carpet?

MasterClean Carpet Care has you covered. We’re your carpet cleaning experts in Mentone.

Our speciality? Bringing you fresh, clean carpets (and by extension, a more pleasant home in Mentone).

It’s not just homes either. Our experienced team of carpet cleaning superstars also works with commercial properties, real estate managers and even offer emergency carpet cleaning for residents living in flood-prone parts of Melbourne’s Bayside, eastern, and southeastern suburbs.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today or book an appointment with your carpet cleaning expert in Mentone today!

Get your carpets MasterCleaned

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