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Carpet Cleaning Kingston

Flooding doesn’t have to ruin your carpets and upholstery!

Restoring carpets and upholstered furniture following flooding is hard work. It requires hours of back-breaking cleaning, brushing, vacuuming and drying.

Often, there’s no guarantee of success either. Flood damage seeps deep into your carpet and upholstery, making it near impossible to remove by hand.

Luckily, MasterClean Carpet Care has you covered!

It doesn’t matter whether your flooding emergency was caused by burst pipes, natural disaster or a collapsed ceiling. Our emergency carpet cleaning service in Kingston provides effective flood cleaning whether you live in Moorabbin or Mordialloc.

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How emergency carpet cleaning protects your health

Flooding can leave unsightly water stains and marks in your carpet and upholstery. But that’s not the only consequence of flood-damaged carpets and upholstery.

Did you know that flooded carpet and upholstery can also pose a major health risk?

For starters, flood water isn’t exactly fresh spring water. It often carries dirt, debris and bacteria which soak right into your carpet and upholstery. Even after they dry, these messes are left behind.

This bacteria, dirt and debris can cause health problems when inhaled.

Secondly, there’s the question of mould. A moist, damp room is the perfect breeding ground for mould growth.

Both of these present a major health risk, especially to:

  • Those with weaker immune systems
  • People with respiratory problems like asthma
  • Young children, seniors and pregnant women

The solution? Emergency carpet cleaning.

Call an emergency carpet cleaning professional in Kingston today!

Master Clean Carpet Care has been in the business of restoring carpets for almost 10 years.

We’ve developed effective tools for carpet and upholstery cleaning following flooding which have helped homeowners all over Kingston restore their carpets and protect their health.

Unlike many other emergency carpet cleaning services in Kingston, our team use hot water extraction instead of conventional steam cleaning. In addition to cleaning, this technique extracts water as we go over your carpet and upholstery.

Not only does this ensure quicker drying, but it also actively removes moisture, debris and dirt from your carpet.

Using proven tools, equipment and technology in carpet cleaning, our emergency carpet cleaning will leave your carpet feeling like brand-new. We guarantee you a healthier carpet – in both senses of the word!

Need emergency carpet cleaning in Kingston? Cal MasterClean Carpet Care today on 1300 556 748 to see how we can help.

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