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Carpet Cleaning Clayton

Let’s face it: cleaning your carpets can be a slog.

Vacuums only provide a surface-level clean. Steam cleaning leaves your home humid and takes hours to dry.

The worst part is that while you might succeed in removing spots, much of the grime and bacteria that infest your carpets are completely invisible to the naked eye!

Scrubbing, deep cleaning and drying your carpet is a lot of work, often with hit-or-miss results. Don’t let carpet cleaning take up any more time than it currently does – call a professional carpet cleaner in Clayton instead to do it for you.

carpet cleaning clayton

At Masterclean Carpet Care we clean different types of carpets as well as special types of rugs. We offer our clients the best carpet cleaning service in Clayton. This is backed by more than 10 years of experience and professionalism.

Professional tile and grout cleaning in Clayton

While “Carpet Care” may be part of our name, by no means is that the only service we provide!

In addition to carpet and upholstery cleaning, our cleaning professionals provide a wide range of other cleaning services. We possess the know-how, products and equipment to clean all sorts of domestic surfaces.

Case in point: tile and grout cleaning.

Sick of grout cleaning?

Grout cleaning is the worst part of tile cleaning – even the word “grout” sounds unpleasant!

In case you didn’t know, grout is the paste that fills up gaps between tiles. They’re made of a highly porous solution, meaning water and stains can penetrate deep into them. Combine that with the how close tiles are and grout cleaning often looks like this:

  1. Put on the gloves
  2. Get on your knees
  3. Scrub them with a toothbrush
  4. Rinse and repeat for hours

Not a pleasant experience!

Why some tiles need special treatment

Not all tiles are made equal. Certain types of tile such as natural stone require special treatment – harsh detergents may wear away your tile.

If you’re unsure whether you’re taking the correct approach towards your tiles, get in touch with a professional tile cleaner.

After carefully assessing what type of tile your bathroom, kitchen or other tiled areas use, we select a suitable cleaning agent from our arsenal of cleaning tools.

We combine this with an appropriate technique to ensure that we don’t just clean your tiles, but that we do it safely to boot.

More than just carpet cleaning – call MasterClean Carpet Care today!

The tiled areas in your home are some of the dirtiest places in your home. That’s because they’re moist and humid – this makes them ground zero for:

  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Bacteria
  • Mould

Just think of these (often invisible) nasties taking hold in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry tiles.

Our team of professional cleaners in Clayton doesn’t only save you time but gives you a guarantee – cleaner tiles, grout and a more pleasant home.

Our experts are the team to choose for tile and grout deep cleaning.

MasterClean Carpet Care even offers a resealing service once we’re done. This protective layer insulates your tiles and grout from mould, bacteria, and grime, ensuring your tiles remain fresher for longer.

Whether you need a professional to look at your tiles, grout or carpet, call MasterClean Carpet Care on 1300 556 748 to see how we can make your deep cleaning easier.

Get your carpets MasterCleaned

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