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Carpet Cleaning Carnegie

Moved into a new place? Are the previous carpets not not quite what you expected them to be?

While expectations will always differ from reality somewhat, you shouldn’t have to put up with a nasty, grey carpet.

Struggling to restore your carpets to their previous state? Luckily, replacing your carpets isn’t your only option!

Carpet deep cleaning reaches deep into your carpets. Using hot water extraction (not steam cleaning – there’s a difference), we loosen and then remove bacteria, debris and allergens from your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Carnegie

No matter what type of carpet your new home has, a professional carpet cleaning service in Carnegie can hellp. Call Master Cleaners to see how we can clean your carpet… without causing any lasting damage.

How hot water extraction cleans your carpets

At Master Clean Carpet Care, we use apply hot water extraction to your upholstered surfaces.

But how does it work? And what makes it different from regular steam cleaning?

Carpet cleaning

Step 1) Powerful cleaning products

Before going over your carpets, the first thing we do is select a suitable cleaning product.

We look at your material and the nature of the cleaning job before choosing a cleaning product to suit. We choose products that are effective and more importantly, gentle.

Carpet cleaning

Step 2) We get to work

Our machines use hot water to enhance their cleaning power. Hot water kills harmful bacteria and loosens stubborn messes, no matter how deep they are.

Combined with powerful turbo-brush machines we thoroughly scrubs your carpet, removing dirt and other debris.

Unlike regular steam cleaning, hot water extraction doesn’t heat water up to quite as high temperatures. This makes hot water extraction appropriate for a wider range of carpets.

Carpet cleaning

Step 3) Extraction

Steam cleaning leaves bacteria, dirt and debris in your carpet – you can’t exactly call that a thorough clean! Not to mention, it air dries. This causes humidity, increasing your risk of mould.

Unlike steam cleaning, hot water extraction machines also get rid of hot water once it’s injected into your carpet. Using powerful vacuums, we extract hot water from your carpet.

This ensures faster drying and a cleaner carpet.

MasterClean Carpet Care helps homeowners in Carnegie

MasterClean Carpet Care offers professional carpet cleaning in Carnegie. Our carpet specialists delivers the most effective and reliable carpet cleaning service all across Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

Whether you’re moving into a new home, vacating an old one or simply eager to give your home a makeover, contact MasterClean Carpet Care at 1300 556 748 or click here for a call-back.

Get your carpets MasterCleaned

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