What’s the best way to clean a fabric couch? MasterClean shares 5 easy tips

>>What’s the best way to clean a fabric couch? MasterClean shares 5 easy tips

What’s the best way to clean a fabric couch? MasterClean shares 5 easy tips

Your fabric couch has been with you for years. You’ve developed an attachment to it – not to mention, it still looks fantastic in spite of its age.

Of course, you won’t be thinking about your fabric and upholstered furniture that way if they’re covered in ugly stains, marks and messes!

We use our furniture every day. As a result, they have a habit of picking up stains and messes. Not only do these look unsightly, but they also mean your furniture loses the softness, warmth and comfort that you’ve gotten accustomed to.

Sure, you could buy a replacement. But new furniture is so expensive. And besides, this sofa has been with you for years – it wouldn’t feel right to get rid of it.

So, how can you maintain the plushness and cleanliness of your upholstered furniture as the years go by? What’s the best way to clean a fabric couch?


Always start by checking the fabric couch instructions

Before you do anything, the very first thing you should do is read the label.

Why does this matter? Because simply put, not all fabrics and inks react the same to upholstery cleaning. While some are tough and hardy, others are delicate and may fade or otherwise suffer damage if the wrong technique is used.

On most fabric sofas, you’ll find a label either on the underside or beneath the cushioning. You’ll usually see the following instructions:

  • X: Use vacuum only for cleaning
  • W: Use water for cleaning
  • S: Use solvent-based cleaner only on fabric
  • SW: Safe to use solvent cleaner or water for cleaning

Make sure to follow the instruction on the label so as not to create any damage in the fabric couch.


Follow up by vacuuming it out

While the sticker mightn’t explicitly mention it, in our experience just about every fabric sofa is vacuum friendly. If you’re still unsure, you can turn your vacuum down to a lower setting just to be safe.

The reason we always suggest starting with the vacuum cleaner is because it removes the loose messes. Crumbs, dirt, debris – if these aren’t cleaned up first, you could accidentally end up smearing them all over your sofa.

Needless to say, this makes your job a lot harder!

Baking soda: cleaning’s jack of all trades

When it comes to cleaning a fabric couch using only the tools you have at home, baking soda is your best friend.

Yes, we know: again with the baking soda?

While it might come off sounding like a broken record, the reason we keep suggesting this is because it works – simple as that.

And if your furniture isn’t can’t take the chemical reaction that happens when you combine baking soda with vinegar? Or if it can’t take water?

That’s fine too – believe it or not, you can also see results if you use baking soda dry!

When applying baking soda on its own, let it sit for around 30 minutes to an hour before brushing or vacuuming it off. While not as powerful on its own, baking soda’s properties have a cleaning effect all on their own.

For more results, you can also mix it with a dry carpet cleaner solvent. This way, you can better deep clean your fabric couch without causing any damage.


Don’t forget to clean underneath the cushioning too!

It’s also a good idea to remove cushioning and vacuum underneath it too – you never know what might have slipped through the cracks, so to speak!

If you ask us, way too many people forget to clean underneath the cushioning. They tunnel vision on the surface, since that’s what they see and what they sit on.

Just think about how many crumbs and pieces of debris might have fallen underneath that you might be missing as a result!

Over time, these can create a nasty stink – the last thing you want from your sofa. Just like your cushioning, you’ll want to clean up under here too.

best way to clean fabric couch

Know the difference between steam cleaning and hot water extraction

In a lot of cases, the best way to clean a fabric couch is to avoid steam cleaning altogether. The moisture left by steam cleaning takes a long time to dry up – this can damage some fabrics, and can even cause mould growth.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t apply to hot water extraction.

Unlike steam cleaning, hot water extraction uses lower temperatures, making it less rough on your sofas. Hot water is mixed with suitable detergents and products, meaning a deeper clean.

More importantly, it also combines cleaning with powerful suction that removes moisture there and then!

As a result, hot water extraction is suitable for a much wider range of furniture than traditional steam cleaning.

Get in touch with a professional cleaner to find out if it’s the best way to clean your fabric couch.

The best way to clean a fabric couch? Call a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner!

Sometimes you encounter a stain or mess that’s too hard to remove on your own.

If you’ve tried everything and aren’t seeing results, it might be time to get in touch with a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner in Melbourne.

That’s where we come in!

MasterClean Carpet Care are couch and sofa specialists. Working with powerful tools and equipment, we guarantee a thorough clean that doesn’t:

  • Cause inks to fade
  • Damage your upholstery
  • Miss a single spot

Contact MasterClean Carpet Care at 1300 556 748 or click here to request a quote today.

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