5 common myths about carpet cleaning in Melbourne

>>5 common myths about carpet cleaning in Melbourne

5 common myths about carpet cleaning in Melbourne

Ever find your carpet cleaning efforts failing to get rid of stains and smell on your carpets?

Convinced that your new carpet is too fragile for thorough cleaning?

Putting off deep-cleaning for your carpet?

If so, you aren’t alone.

Not many homeowners are carpet experts – as such, there are countless myths, misconceptions and straight-up lies floating around.

If you want a clean carpet, you can’t let these myths get in the way. Homeowners like you need to know the  truth behind these myths – luckily, MasterClean Carpet Care is here to provide the answers!


Myth 1: New carpets don’t need cleaning

You’ve got a brand-new pair of jeans, fresh from the store. Nobody else has worn it – even then, you should put it in the next load just to be safe, right?

Your carpet is the same.

Just because it’s a brand-new carpet or rug doesn’t mean that it’s clean. On the contrary, “brand-new” is when your carpet needs a deep clean the most!

That’s because most carpet manufacturers provide their carpets with coatings of chemicals and repellant to protect it from warehouse messes like dust.

And unfortunately, many of these can be toxic in large quantities.

While these chemicals usually air out in the first couple of days, trace amounts can stick around for years. Just in case, we recommend performing a deep clean of your brand-new carpet or rug ASAP.

Myth: busted

Carpet cleaning solutions

Myth 2: All carpet cleaning solutions are the same

“Carpet cleaner is carpet cleaner” you might think to yourself. “All the other stuff is just marketing guff and sales-talk.”

While that might be true for other items on your weekly shopping list, it’s emphatically NOT the case when it comes to carpet cleaning products.

If you’ve been around this site long enough, you might have seen us reiterating the fact that different carpets have unique qualities. Certain materials are more sensitive than others, meaning they need gentler products.

So when you’re browsing the aisles at the local supermarket and see all the different carpet cleaning solutions around, you need to pay attention!.

Many carpet cleaning solutions have mild or harsh chemicals. As such, you’ll need to take into consideration the kind of fibres your carpet is made of and choose a product that won’t damage it.

Myth: busted


Myth 3: steam cleaning and hot water extraction are the same

While the names sound somewhat similar, the truth is that they’re completely different techniques.

For starters, let’s look at the temperatures. Steam cleaning uses much higher temperatures, meaning it’s less suited for more sensitive types of surface.

Another difference is that hot water extraction combines hot water with carpet cleaning detergents, allowing for more thorough carpet cleaning.

Finally, there’s the big difference: extraction.

Like the name suggests, hot water extraction also removes moisture. As you go over your carpet, your hot water extraction machine hoovers up moisture and detergent.

Not only does this lead to a quicker drying time, but more importantly, it also leads to a better clean. When extracting  hot water, you’ll also be extracting dirt, debris and other messes too.

By contrast, steam cleaning air-dries – all the hidden nasties stick around.

Myth: busted


Myth 4: Frequently carpet cleaning damages texture and colour

False… provided you do it properly!

Assuming you use the proper products and techniques for your carpet, there’s no limit to how often you can clean your carpet.

Not to mention, if you have young kids or pets, you’ll have to if you want to maintain a pristine carpet!

Myth: busted


Myth 5: Vacuuming carpets will do the trick

While weekly vacuuming is an important part of your cleaning schedule, it’s no substitute for ceep cleaning your carpet.

Simply put, your vacuum isn’t powerful enough to dislodge and remove certain messes. Carpets have lots of fibres for debris to cling onto, and frankly most vacuum cleaners just aren’t up to the task of dislodging them.

Not to mention, your vacuum does almost nothing against certain messes. Odours and smells are another issue that simply vacuuming won’t get rid of.

Only deep cleaning techniques such as hot water extraction can remove these stubborn messes and smells. We recommend getting your carpets deep cleaned at least once a year – more for carpets in a high-traffic area.

Myth: busted

Vacuuming carpet cleaning

Need carpet cleaning in Melbourne?

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What’s our secret? Industry-leading tools, equipment and techniques combined with our secret weapon: years and years of carpet cleaning experience.

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