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It’s not really clean –
unless it’s MasterClean

Powerful carpet cleaning solutions and fast drying results

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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Rejuvenate a dirty, tired or worn carpet with expert hot water extraction solutions that not only remove stains and smells, but are also dry within just 5-6 hours!

MasterClean Carpet Care provides complete carpet cleaning in Melbourne using our specialised method that combines non-toxic products and advanced cleaning technology.

We service all types of carpets in different environments including:

Carpet cleaning

Carpets and rugs coat our home in comfort and add extra charm to the environment, but care must be taken when cleaning carpets at home. DIY jobs often leave unfavourable results, including damage to delicate fibres.

Underwhelmed by your previous domestic carpet cleaner in Melbourne? Choose MasterClean for exceptional domestic carpet cleaning solutions to eliminate:

  • General spills and stains
  • Pet messes and marks
  • Dust mites
  • Foul smells
Tile and grout cleaning

MasterClean Carpet Care has extensive experience to meet the large-scale demands of commercial spaces. We follow specific processes and methods designed to expedite the process, ensuring your space is clean and ready to use sooner!

Our commercial carpet cleaning in Melbourne will keep high traffic areas looking their best. We specialise in commercial areas like:

  • Office spaces
  • Retail stores
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Schools and universities
  • Hotels and event venues
Upholstery cleaning

Property, real estate, and strata managers rely on MasterClean Carpet Care for quality carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Our methods provide a comfortable and safe environment for their tenants and renters. Request a quote today and get your carpets cleaned regularly by the Masters!

Long-term relationships see us cleaning dozens of carpets in commercial and domestic properties on a weekly basis.

  • End-of-lease cleaning
  • Move-in cleaning
  • Airbnb cleaning
  • High traffic areas
  • Investment properties

Accidents happen. Water pipes can break. Roofing, plumbing, and ceiling problems can result in water damage. You might suffer considerably after a flood.

After hours in contact with a carpet, moisture stimulates the growth of dust mites, fungi, and bacteria. Over time, if carpets keep moisture trapped, the foundations beneath your floors may deteriorate, and a bad smell can take over!

The faster you can get your carpets dried after water damage, the better.

Master Clean Carpet Care offers emergency carpet cleaning after unpredictable disasters like flooding. We promptly address your urgent issue and arrive on-time, offering a rapid solution with lightning fast drying times.

By prioritising urgent water extraction, we remove excess moisture, exponentially speeding up the drying time.

Call us for emergency carpet cleaning and drying in Melbourne.

Professional carpet cleaning Melbourne

Nothing compares to the soft, luxurious feeling of carpet under your feet!

MasterClean Carpet Care is an on-demand carpet cleaning service operating across Melbourne CBD, Peninsula, southeast, and eastern suburbs.

We offer rapid and high-quality cleaning solutions and love delivering our clients clean and fast-drying carpets!

If you’ve had a poor carpet cleaning experience in the past, your opinion of its effectiveness might be tainted. MasterClean is here to change that! A combination of the the most effective steam cleaning techniques combined with advanced machinery ensures a superior clean.

Why choose us?

  • 8+ years’ experience

  • Specialised carpet cleaners

  • Industry trained

  • Simple quoting & fee structure

  • No access fees

  • Superior carpet cleaning tools

Our carpet cleaning process

The key to the most successful and hygienic carpet clean lies in effective hot water extraction.

Its significance is two-fold:

  • Maximum hot water extraction dramatically reduces the amount of time required for your carpets to dry. Old, outdated techniques can leave your carpets wet for upto 24 hours! Using our techniques, your carpet is dry and ready to walk on within 5-6 hours under normal circumstances.
  • The second principle is simple: the more water that’s extracted, the more dirt and bacteria is removed! Remember, a wet carpet doesn’t necessarily mean a clean one! Our high-tech equipment ensures maximum water extraction for the cleanest of cleans.

We make it easy to engage, book with, and communicate with our friendly team – contact us today on 1300 556 748 for a quote or to organise an on-site inspection of your home or commercial space!

Hot water extraction

MasterClean Carpet Care testimonials

We had Banson do a steam clean on our carpets, we were a bit concerned as we had 3 flights of stairs but it was not an issue at all and the outcome was brilliant. Thank you. Highly recommended.

Billy Subasi

I engaged Banson Wong from MasterClean Carpet Care clean all the carpets at my home – 5 rooms and a staircase. On the day, Neil from MasterClean rolled up right on time, and

Robert Anderson

From the moment I contacted Banson, he was nothing but professional. Banson’s crew arrived on time and they were terrific! Banson quoted a range for the work, and he stayed within that range.

Dr Zelman Lew

Other cleaning services

Regular carpet cleaning in Melbourne

As a rule, carpets should be maintained regularly, instead of getting them cleaned only when something nasty has stained them!

MasterClean’s highly technical hygiene process is implemented to create the safest and most comfortable space for your friends, family, clients, customers, and employees.

We recommend yearly carpet cleaning, and twice a year for spaces that are under high stress, including reception rooms or rental properties. Call MasterClean Carpet Care to schedule yearly carpet cleaning!

Carpet cleaning promotes a healthy environment

Did you know that 1 gram of dust can contain 2,000 to 10,000 mites?

We spend a lot of time indoors, whether that’s at home or at work. This is why cleanliness is imperative for our health and well-being. But the dirt that’s on the outside will always find a way to get in, either through the air or through the soles of our shoes.

Carpets work as air and dirt filters.

Over time, other contaminants like food and drink spillages, pet dander, and dust mites join in, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs!

To make matters worse, poor ventilation together with high humidity and condensation create the perfect conditions for rapid growth of mould and mildew. Our solution is professional carpet steam cleaning, executed with a high-performance hot water extraction technology.

Get your carpets MasterCleaned

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